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This bride-to-be was trying to get in tip top shape for her wedding day debut!  She combined the Rapid Weight Loss Program and Prescription Weight Loss Program along with additional Boost Bar injections to rev up her energy and metabolism.

She initially, like so many of our patients, signed up for the 21 day program but attained such impressive results she extended her program another week.  After completing the hCG program, she continued her weight loss journey with our Prescription Weight Loss Program.

She started the program in September in preparation for her wedding several months later.  She started at 155 pounds and ended the program at 134 pounds!  She felt so radiant on her big day and skipped the alterations zipping up that dress she had bought 6 months prior never imagining she would slip right into it!  We love our brides!


Her vivacious personality is infectious!  She jokingly would make comments about her “food baby” and how her body unfortunately stored fat in her midsection.  Her before image is a great depiction of what we term “skinny fat.”  Weight was within “normal range” but her elevated body fat percentage and fat storage mostly in the abdomen placed her at the same risks as a person considered obese.

She lost ELEVEN INCHES from her waist on our 43 day hCG Program.  She denied feeling hungry or deprived throughout the program and is loving her new waistline.  “Food baby” no More for this lovely lady!


This stunning beauty lost 23 lbs in 30 days on our Rapid Weight Loss Program.  After having 2 gorgeous kids, she found her body was not reflecting her baseline weight and body shape.  She initially signed up for 21 day program and was so happy with the weight results extended an additional week to lose 5 more pounds, total of 28 lb weight loss!

She lost 4 inches off her waist, 4 inches from her thighs and 2 inches from each arm.  She loved wearing her bikinis and strutting like Beyonce down the beach in Mexico- which was her motivating goal for starting the program.  She has never felt so comfortable in her own skin again!


This client was feeling lethargic and feeling down on herself watching the scale creep up and over the last several years.  Frustrated by her restricted clothing that was 2 sizes too small, she decided to take a proactive approach to her weight.

She started at 152.4 pounds and after two rounds of hCG weighed in at long with a significant decrease in body fat.  She has never looked so vibrant and has her beautiful smile back, feeling healthier and fitter than ever.  She has maintained clean eating habits since the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol as she realized she felt more energetic, slept more restfully and embraced her renewed state of health.