hCG Diet Weight Loss 5 Tips Aura MD Body

Losing weight becomes easier when we remember that we are born to eat, not overeat.”

~Felicity Luckey

One of the most important things you can to do to prepare for you hCG Diet is prep, prep, prep. You need to mentally prepare as well as prepare you pantry.

Here are some of my quick pro time that will save you not only time, but frustration, and energy. Being prepared will help you stay motivated and full.

Pro Tip 1: Measure and weigh everything! Don’t just guess. You have to measure and weigh your food. It is vital that you take the time to measure your protein before you cook it. It is easy to look at your fist and think “that looks like 4 oz to me”…. chances are you are wrong. Get out that handy scale and measure your protein before you cook it. I use this scale.

Pro Tip 2: Prepare and cut up your protein and seal it in individual bags. Cut your protein into small bites to you feel like you are getting more. Doing this will save you time and energy. When it’s dinner time and you are hungry, just look in your fridge and your protein will be cooked and ready to be consumed.

I like to grill my chicken and season it with a little garlic and herbs. Delicious!

I also use the Body by Aura MCT oil to marinade the chicken and help absorb the flavors of the garlic and Italian seasonings. The MCT oil is great! I can not stress that enough. It is so versatile. You can use it along with some apple cider vinegar and organic Dijon mustard and create your own salad dressing.

Pro Tip 3: Prep your fruit. Measure and bag up your fruit and berries. You will thank yourself when you are trying to get a snack ready to take with you to work or are in a hurry and running late and need a quick breakfast.

hCG diet has a variety of foods that are REAL foods. Healthy for you! No Liquid Diets here!
Portion is key when meal prepping!
You can easily get your meals together at the beginning of each week! Last minute food decisions equal bad decisions!

And just like that you are ready to start your day. Speaking of breakfast… on to the next pro tip.

Pro Tip 4: Add a Body by Aura Shake to your breakfast routine! These are delicious and packed with protein. Best part, you only need water. Just fill it up, shake and enjoy with your fruit. You can drink you hCG approved breakfast while you commute to work.

These shakes are also available at our local friendly and totally efficient hCG meal delivery service, The Dinner Dude. https://www.dinnerdude.com/collections/hcg/products/aura-body-protein-smoothies-hcg-approved

Pro Tip 5: This is my last tip and I can’t stress it enough. Drink your water! You need to consume between half a gallon and an entire gallon a day. This will help you stay full and hydrated while your body goes to work getting rid of that stored fat. I struggle drinking enough water so I bought a gallon jug and fill it each morning. Then I pour from the gallon jug, into my water bottle for the day. The gallon jug helps me keep an eye on my intake and helps me remember to drink, drink, drink.

You can add cucumber, lemon, strawberries to flavor your water for the day. Water doesn’t have to be boring!

At Body by Aura, we offer a supportive environment and remember on your weight loss journey- you can do anything when you put your mind to it! I hope these tips help you on your path to wellness. Don’t forget to call and schedule your complementary consultation at Aura MD Body and find out how you can get the help you need to lose the weight for good! (832) 804-2948

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